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Congregation Care-Giver Training

Free Resource For Churches Building A Congregational Care Team

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Who Are We

Pastor, you can't do it alone 

Congregations have needs related to care; illness, relationships, mental health, finance, crisis and more.  Pastors spend a lot of their time caring for their congregation and community on their own.  This can lead to burnout.  What if you could build a team of care-givers from within your congregation who were equipped to adequatley care for basic needs within the church?  It doesn't have to be a large team, it can simply be a few trusted individuals who are willing to come alongside and provide pastoral care to the congregation.  

There are many gifts in your church.  There are people in your church who have a pastoral / care giving gift and they would be perfect to be deployed in ministry.  The Congregation Care-Giver Training will train them and provide a level of accountability through a system of care that will help the pastor serve the congregation effectively. 

Equip Your Congregation to Care


A congregation care team is trained by the care pastor to multiply the care efforts a local church can provide. Instead of having one pastor providing care, the pastor works strategically to train and support a team of individuals who provide congregants with care.

Care teams understand that providing care is a deeply spiritual activity aimed at helping individuals become more like Christ in the way they think, feel, and act. Our goal is not merely to help people feel better or feel happier. Although helping others is important, discipleship is at the heart of care teams in the local church.

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