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Come, Learn, Rest

Following are some devotional thoughts from Matthew 11:28 – 30. We often read scripture in a hurried way and miss the depth of what the Spirit wants to do in our hearts. This writing will take you slowly through the words of this passage, nested within the context of other scripture and interspersed with insights of other commentators. It is intended to be read slowly and digested one bite at a time so take a few deep breaths and enjoy. . .

Come to Me all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest . . .


Receive the rest


Selah (Pause and think about that)

Take My peace (yoke) upon you and learn from Me

Learn how I do it

Listen to Me

Speak My words, not yours

I am not always “nice”

I am honest, literal, truthful – in love

For I am humble and gentle in heart

Even in truth speaking, I am humble

In the bad news and hard times, I am gentle

I love you

And want your best

And you will find rest for your souls

Away from the busyness

Away from the demands

In the stillness . . .

The stillness . . .

Selah (Pause and think about that) . . .

In the stillness you can and will rest

If you come

For My yoke is easy and My burden is light

You can do it, with Me

It is not too heavy for us

I will touch you as you go,

If you come . . . and learn

Come . . . to Me . . . alone . . . Just us

Come. Learn. Rest.


  • What is the burden that you have been carrying alone?

  • What do you need to change so that you are working in the yoke with Jesus rather than “pulling the load” on your own?

  • Take a moment right now to respond to the invitation that you have been given and the love and rest that awaits you. Talk to Him. He is listening.

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