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The Domestique

I am a fan of bicycle racing. The Tour De France is the most famous. Because most of these races take place in Europe 8-10 hours ahead, the cycling season is hard on my sleep.

Each race begins with a prologue. It's an individual time trial of usually less than 8 km, before the first stage race, used to determine which rider wears the leader's jersey on the first stage[1]

Jesus won the prologue. He wears the "Yellow Jersey. "If Jesus wears that yellow jersey, then what about us

God sent John the Baptist to tell everyone about the light to believe because of his testimony. John himself was not the light; he was only a witness to the light.

Take the bicycle analogy one step further. John the Baptist, and we who worship Christ are domestiques.

Domestiques bring water and food from team cars and shield teammates from opponents.

They help teammates with mechanical problems. A domestique may also sacrifice his bicycle or wheel.

And the domestique will cycle in front to create a slipstream for the leader.

Where the domestique finishes, a race is less important than the help he gives. Domestiques do not share the fame of leaders.

Put simply; races are won and lost on the effort and ethic of domestiques.[2]

a. The foundation of a productive follower-leader relationship is mutual trust. In a healthy organization, followers trust leaders to act in their best interest.

b. Qualities of influential followers:

i. Manage themselves well

ii. Committed to the organization and a purpose beyond themselves

iii. build their competence and focus on maximum impact.

iv. Courageous, honest, and credible

v. willingness to tell the truth. To the point of disagreeing with leaders.[3]

[1] Retrieved from [2] Retrieved from, Cycling Plus, UK, undated cutting [3] A Fresh Look at Followership: A Model for Matching Followership and Leadership Styles © 2006 Institute of Behavioral and Applied Management. All Rights Reserved. pg. 308

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